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Organizational Change Management


Post-merger integration is the art of bringing together people from two or more tribes to form a new and stronger entity that can outperform the competition. Many companies fail to realize the full potential of a merger or acquisition by neglecting the people integration aspect. The key is to think the people integration strategy into the overall PMI strategy up front and secure the right set up to facilitate a smooth transition of the acquired talent.

Husson Consult poster merger integration services

  • Design and facilitation of organizational gap analysis
  • Preparation & mobilization of people integration strategy and plan
  • People integration program management

Your return-on-investment

  • Higher retention of critical talent
  • Faster time-to-performance of the merged/acquired organization(s).

Organizational restructuring is about ”cutting and pasting”. You cut when you draw up the new organigram and assign people to the boxes. But then comes the hard and often overlooked work of pasting. This is about ensuring that people understand their new roles including who they need to  collaborate with and how to succeed in a new context. Last, but not least, it is key to ensure that
people are motivated to deliver high performance in a new context

Husson Consult organizational restructuring  services

  • Design and facilitation of organizational change impact analysis
  • Preparation & mobilization of people transition strategy and plan
  • People transition program management

Your return-on-investment

  • Shorter post-restructuring productivity dip
  • Higher ROI on new organizational set-up

Introducing new or reconfigured business processes and IT systems, in any organization, has an impact on the end users of these processes and systems.
Ensuring that end users adopt the resulting new ways of working as fast as possible is the key to realizing the intended return-on-investment. Setting up and executing a targeted learning, communication and stakeholder engagement strategy & plan is essential in this regard.

Husson Consult process & IT-driven change services

  • Design and facilitation of organizational change impact analysis
  • Preparation of integrated learning, communication & stakeholder engagement strategy and plan
  • Change programme management

Your return-on-investment

  • Faster end user adoption of new processes & systems
  • Higher ROI on the process/IT optimization initiative


Change Management Capability Building

  • Design of tailored corporate change management approach and methodology
  • Mobilization of internal change practice communities

Change Programme Risk Assessments

  • Risk assessment of larger change programs incl. recommendations for mitigation of identified risks