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It’s all about business

Any organization is born to deliver business results. This overriding purpose often gets lost in the daily battle of dealing with organizational complexity. Nonetheless, any organizational change or development initiative must have a clear business case that can be tracked to ensure the agreed return-on-investment is delivered.

Effectively navigating the matrix is key

The stakeholder landscape in a matrix organization is complex and needs to be considered as part of any organizational change or development execution plan. Not taking this dimension into account often becomes a roadblock to plans that look sound in theory.

One size does not fit all

For best results, organizational change and development approaches must be tailored to the given organizational context. What is ”best practice” in one organization may not work in another organization. Therefore, stick to an approach that fits your organization

Sustainable change requires a holistic approach

For organizational change and development truly to take root, it is key to consider and address the given focus area from a cultural, structural, process as well as competency perspective. If these building blocks do not support each other, the foundation for sustainable change and development is shaky  at best.

Above all keep it simple

Complexity is a fact of life in most large organizations where the pace is high, the stakeholders are many and the target keeps moving. Over-engineered and over-ambitious change and development plans typically under-deliver by further adding to this complexity. The trick is to focus and keep it simple.